Vaccinations and Healthcare

We require all cats to be fully inoculated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, and Cat Flu.

Our vets also advise that owners may wish to have their cats vaccinated against Feline Leukemia and Chlamydia, although these are optional at present.

Vaccination cover must be current with boosters up-to-date and certificates will be required. Vaccination certificates will be inspected at every visit and held for the duration of the stay.

Owners must ensure that the vaccinations have had sufficient time to provide immunity (minimum 7 days after primary vaccination course, and 2 days after boosters) before start of boarding. All cats must
be up-to-date with flea treatment and should have been recently wormed.

No cats suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from any infectious disease can be accepted. All cats are examined on arrival and the proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission of any cat showing signs of ill health.

Owners will appreciate that this is essential to safeguard the health of all cats boarded. Veterinary attendance will be sought if deemed necessary and any treatment will be carried out if advised. Owners will be liable for full costs of any veterinary consultation / care incurred during boarding.

We will happily administer oral medicines provided by the owner. These must be in clearly labelled containers stating the cat’s name, the frequency and dosage requirements. Male cats over the age of seven months, which have not been neutered will not be accepted.

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